Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 Little Known, But Cool Webmaster Tools

Managing a your site and creating a new blog becomes easier these days with lots of online tools than can help you all throughout the process. Here are some little known but cool webmaster tools that you may want to explore:

1. Copyscape is an online tool that allows you to search for copies of your page on the web. It can also protect you from cases of plagiarism. You can defend your sites with a free plagiarism warning banner from Copyscape. While this is a free service, there is also the so-called Copyscape Premium that provides more powerful plagiarism detection. There are also additional features such as copy-paste originality checks, batch search, private index, case tracking and an API.

2. When you are thinking of setting up a new website, there are lots of tools you can use to get started. First of all, you have to think of an effective and unique domain name. As what most people say, you must keep it short and simple (KISS). But if you are out of ideas, you can use PickyDomains to come up with great domain names. It's a risk free naming service that when you need a domain and you can't think of one, so you just have to place your order and you pay only if you receive suggestions you like.

3. iSpionage is a reliable tool in managing client campaigns, analyzing SEO results, monitoring affiliates and more. It can be used for free and you can enter any site to learn which keywords generate traffic for them and if they spend money on PPC.
It is a search marketing tool that can also guide you in starting up your online business. It is popular tool used in keyword monitoring, keyword research and building campaigns.

4. BannerFans is a free online banner-maker that webmasters can tage advantage of. Banners have many uses and most websites use it to promote the webpages, products or services. Webmasters also incorporate the site identity on it. There are different sizes of banners and if you want to make use of predefined sizes as well as experience hassle-free banner making, then BannerFans is good for you. It is very easy to use. You can use it to generate blog headers, text banners, large buttons and many others. You don't need to be an expert with Photoshop and other editing software to come up with cool banners. With BannerFans, everything will be easier!

5. Aside from banners, website logos are also important. People can easily identify you with your logo so it is essential to come up with unique and relevant design. Creating a logo with FreeLogoServices easy and fast. You just enter the logo text, choose a design, customize your logo, then save and download. FreeLogoServices is a trusted online tools because of the quality output and large selection of designs. You can try it for free and make a logo design in few minutes! 

6. is an online tool use to analyze site's performance and other statistics. It shows if the site is popular or not and lists all similar sites, which is very handy, and very useful if you are planning to launch a new site in the existing niche.

If your site is 3 months or older, you can also view its online analytics through Alexa. There are site tools and site info that you can check to know more about your website. You can even compare it to your competitors. What more, you can download and install Alexa toolbar for Google Chrome to easily monitor traffic rank, see related links, view search analytics and read website reviews.

7. Broken Links Tool Backlinks are important to webmasters. This is why a particular broken link can cost much trouble and adverse impact on site traffic. To avoid this issue, it would be better to use Broken Links Tool which is an easy and quick-to-use online tool in checking broken or dead links. You can choose what type of links you would like to check - inbound links, outbound links or both (all links).

This post was written by Liezl, author of Make More Money Online and owner of several other blogs related to shopping, trading card game, random reviews and more. As a blogger armed with creative ideas and weirdest imagination, she grabs every online opportunity that comes her way. Visit her site to have unlimited access to blogging tips, online earnings and SEO techniques.


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