Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Create a Grab Button

What is a grab button?  A grab button is a 125 x 125 pixel graphic which other bloggers can copy the code of and add it to their blogs to advertise your blog.  Additionally, you can do the same of other blogs that are in your niche.  A grab button can be a photograph of you, your family or anything else that interests you. It can also be a clipart graphic.

Step 1
If you want to use a clipart graphic, then the first step is to find a graphic that suits you and/or your blog.  There are many free clipart sites where you can find the right graphic.

  1. Once you've decided on a photograph or graphic, open an image editing application to a new project. 
  2. Upload your graphic into the new project.
  3. If you want, you can change the background color and add any additional features.

Another option is to use a cropped version of your blog header. 
  1. Open your blog in a browser window.
  2. Push the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.
  3. Open an image editing application and choose a new project.
  4. Paste (ctrl + v) onto the new project.
  5. Crop the area of this graphic that you want to use for your button. (Don't worry about the size at this time).
Step 2
Add text on top of the picture, clipart or graphic choosing which font you like. Preferbly this is the blog's title.  Save a copy to your computer as a backup.

Step 3
On the image editing application's toolbar, find the option to "resize image".  Set the new size of the image to 125 x 125 pixels.

Step 4
If the image looks good, then save it to your computer.  If not, go back to Step 2 and make changes.

Step 5
Upload your grab button to your hosting domain file manager or Photobucket (for example).

Step 6
Add the button with code to your blog sidebar so that others can easily grab it. 

<div align="center"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Blog Title" src="" /></a> </div> <div align="center"> <form><textarea rows="6" cols="20"><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Blog Title" src="http://blog-image.gif" /></a></textarea></form> </div>

Step 7

Your button should now look something like this.

Blogging Hints

If you would like my services in making a button for you, visit the Blog Buttons page for more information.


  1. I really need to do this! Thank you SO much for posting about it :_)

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