Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scheduling Posts Maintains Blog Consistency

Posting a new blog articles each day is important for your blog's success.  Posting something new every day consistently brings the search engine robots to your to site which will improve your position in the search results.  Additionally, having fresh material also keeps your readers interested and coming back for more.  But what do you do if you're know you're going to be away from your computer or during the holidays?

Blogger has an option which allows users to schedule when their post will be published.  This is a great tool to use if you know that you're not going to have access to your computer to keep up with your posting regimen.  Additionally, some bloggers only have time to write their blog posts on the weekends.  While it's not advisable to bombard your readers with five articles posted on a Saturday, scheduling these posts to go live on separate days helps ensure the consistency of your blog.

How it Works

Once you have written a blog post, click "Post Options" below the text window.  This will open an area with additional information. Under the "Post date and time" heading, click the "Scheduled at" radio button.  Enter the date and time that you would like your post to go live.  Then click "Publish".

I use this tool quite frequently when I have several ideas for posts and want to get them down right away before they fly right out of my head.  I also recently used this tool over the Thanksgiving holiday when I knew that I was going to be out of town for several days.  I knew that my blog was continuing to be updated and providing fresh information to my readers.


  1. Ah, i never knew about this feature! I'm glad i found this article! Tnx. :)

  2. Informative, thank you!
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  4. I love this feature and always use it. Some days I am just more creative or at least have more time to create a couple of posts to make up for the days that I can't.

  5. I love this feature! I used it while I knew I'd be out of town for 9 days during the holidays. I scheduled my stuff to post while I was gone and no one was the wiser. :)

    -Jenn at Jenn's RAQ

  6. i swear by this and it helps you really focus on the content and what you are writing about! I would also add that guest posts are a great way to help you out and maintain legitimate full bodied content.
    new follower



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