Monday, April 18, 2011

Learn About the Benefits of Using HootSuite For Social Networking

If you are new to the online space and want to learn internet marketing there are a lot of different concepts that are accessible to attract traffic for your internet marketing products. One of these utilizes the power of many popular social networking websites and intern giving your internet marketing products exposure.
In this post you are going to discover how you can use the great power of a web tool named HootSuite to automate the system that is social networking. Once you have completed this post you will know how to focus on other areas of your internet marketing business with confidence that HootSuite is handling the social networking part.

You can probably relate, I recall the time I first began to learn about the many social networking sites online from twitter to foursquare I began to feel overwhelmed. Not by the amount of the social networking sites but instead the time required be spent in order to make use of the main ones. To market on Twitter alone seemed like a forty hour job not to mention LinkedIn. As a result of being very overwhelmed I avoided the social networking side of things for a very long time.

I did not visit the social sites for anything other than my own personal entertainment, until one day I was spending some time on an online forum and I read up about this tool named HootSuite. The forum member said that he was able to run all of the major social network sites through HootSuite and it only was taking him a day each month to get his social networking activity out of the way. I found this tricky to believe, but out of curiosity I decided to sign up for HootSuite and began looking around at what could be finished.

HootSuite is an excellent social management tool that literally handles all the social networking you could think of.

You can sign up for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Foursquare,, MySpace and WordPress. What HootSuite allows you to do is make status updates on each of the social networking sites all together. So if I was to say I am hungry, bring me food and then chose send to all networks, HootSuite within no time would automatically send out the update across my networks for all of my friends to see.

HootSuite also has another valuable feature that is priceless if you are really busy. HootSuite lets you schedule updates, days, months or even years ahead of time. All you need to have is a day to invest submitting updates to a file to upload and HootSuite will sort out the rest.

This element means that you do not ever again have to sit in front of the computer all day submitting updates because HootSuite will sort out everything for you.

HootSuite is definitely the ideal tool for any one who is looking for mass exposure.

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